I'm building a Roady!

I'm building a Roady!

My offroad Jimny is awesome, but it's starting to get to the stage that it's difficult to drive around town. It's not 'zippy' like it once was. The added weight, large wheels and high suspension make is slow around town, and it doesn't handle great.

So I'm putting together a town Jimny.

So far, this is lowered on firmer suspension with 17" wheels, and already it's driving beautifully. 

The suspension is a kit that I'm experimenting with, it's a custom set of springs and shocks. They are just a little bit too firm, so I'll change them for a softer combination in the new year, and these will be available for sale here on my website.

I'm going full Japanese streeter spec, including a turbo kit. This will not go offroad, but is something fairly different for a wee Jimny, and I'm a big fan of doing something a little different.

More details to come as this build continues!