Installing our JB74 Jimny Roof Racks

In the bag of nuts and bolts there are two different lengths of bolts. For the assembly of the roofrack, the shorts bolts should be used. The 6 long bolts are for the clamp mounts, that you’ll need at the end.


1. First off, for the lights to the front bar. 


2. Next, assemble the outside bars to form the frame. 


3. Flip the frame upside down to install the cross bars. There are cross bars with 4 extra bolts at the front, these are for mounts for extra spotlights, should you choose to install them. The rear bar has two holes for rear lights, should you choose to add some in the future also. Note that some cross bars have two bolts at each end, some only have one, this depends on how many are in the sidebar. 


4. Put the flat plates in place. In the pic above, the steel plates would go on before those bolts go in to the cross bars. Tighten everything. These add strength to your roofrack. See below for the plates...

Jimny Roofrack

5. Install the gutter mounts. These should be left loose for now, don’t tighten these, bolt them on so that the allen key (or nut in some cases) will be on top of the roof rack, and the bolt is on the bottom (as per above photo), this will help with fitting.

6. Lift the roof rack onto the Jimny. Before placing it on the car, make sure all 6 mounts are slid out, so they are as wide as possible. Sit the rack down with the mounts sitting in the gutters.

7. Before screwing the clamps on, slide the mount out so it’s closer to the outside of the gutter (but the feet still sit inside the gutter). Use the long bolts to attach the clamps.

8. Tighten the bolts on the mounts that were left loose in step 5. 

Included are 4 brackets for extra front lights, should you choose to add some, and two for rear lights...


Wiring up the lights

If you've bought a roofrack from us after July 1st 2021, your Roofrack with Lights will include some bits to help you wire up the lights. You can read our basic guide HERE.