Wiring our Roof Racks and Switch


If you don't have any wiring knowledge or experience, we recommend you get the assistance of someone who does, or work with an auto electrician. 

All joins should be soldered and sealed properly.

All wiring should be wired through a fused relay. 

We are not auto electricians, so if you have any further questions, please consult an expert. 

Installing the wiring loom

Our roofracks are supplied with:

The loom includes a switch, which you can choose to either use, or replace with the provided Jimny dash switch. Installing your dash switch will require some joining (soldering), here is the diagram for the wiring of the dash switch...

Once your dash switch is connected to your loom, the loom runs from your power source (battery or another 12v point), to your dash and up to your lights on the roof. On the roof, the top of your loom plugs into the 2 to 1 Splitter. You just need to remove the output plugs from your 2 to 1 Splitter and solder this to your lights.

This video from Off Tap Touring is really helpful to show how the wiring loom is wired up. 

Wiring up the dash switch

This is fairly straight forward, again, as long as you can solder the connections.

Please ensure switches are always wired through a fused relay.