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The Carbon Offroad Gear Cube recovery and storage bags are the ultimate in storage integration systems for various vehicle configurations. Because they're designed so seamlessly they integrate into any vehicle configuration

Whether you have drawer systems, canopy installations or simply throwing them into the footwell of your passenger seat.  These storage cubes also give you visibility over contents at all times thanks to their tinted clear top with a sturdy construction made from tough but lightweight Vinyl  where you can easily clean up spills and leaks from food,or mud and dirt from your recovery gear.

You can never be too prepared when you're on the road. Who knows what could happen and it's always good to have an extra bag or two for storage? The Carbon Offroad Gear Cube recovery and storage bags are designed with this in mind, allowing drivers of all sorts a way to store your gear without having it sit around loose in your vehicle which will inevitably get tossed about during any type of ride. These clever cubes come equipped with straps that allow you to secure them into place so there is no risk they'll fly out or otherwise lose their contents while being transported over rugged terrain. or simply slip into your drawers system or canopy build.
The main features of our Gear Cube bags are: 
  • Large size:   50cm wide x 40cm long x 18cm high
  • Small Size:  40cm wide x 30cm long x 18cm high
  • Double layer 500 denier PVC waterproof canvas with EPDM sponge rubber internal structure which is a high-quality, closed-cell material that is commonly used to create an air and watertight seal, meaning this foam will never absorb water or lose it's structural properties. The bags maintain a very solid structure, even when loaded up, which means it's easier to handle when packing away or putting back into a vehicle. 
  • Unique Carbon Camo pattern, a stylish and attractive pattern in shades of grey which allow it to blend into most vehicle interiors. 
  • Bright orange zip unit allowing easy identification of the opening section in low light conditions, and easy to spot if you leave it lying on the side of the track
  • Black tinted PVC clear bag top. The black tint offers some additional security to prying eyes and provides a much better outcome against UV degradation of the material over time. 
  • 1.5 inch wide webbing straps allow secure carriage of the bags, we have tested the bags up to 20kg load with no failure on straps or stitching
  • Internal sections which allow organisation are secured with heavy-duty velcro, allowing you to seperate recovery or other items like steel d-shackles and snatch blocks from each other eliminating noise from steel on steel contact while out on the road. Two of these sections include heavy duty mesh zippered pockets for small items allowing sensible packing and easy access when required.  
  • The bag straps can be lifted over the top of the bag allowing it to be dropped into a drawer system and then easily removed. The zipper can be accessed while the bag is packed inside a drawer unit.