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Avoid bug splatter and potentially even stone chips with a bonnet wind deflector. 

This product will fit the JB74 (3 door Jimny) and the JC74 (5 door Jimny). 

Quick and easy to install, no holes need to be drilled.

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Mike Frewin
Jimny Bonnet Protector

Spent the day attempting to fit this "accessory" to my Jimny.
No instructions included but obvious how it was supposed to be installed.
The Thumb screws supplied are too long and if fitted without additional packing washers, the end of the threaded portion would dig into bonnet.
The ends of the plastic shield have been over bent so that if fitted, they touch the paint on the side of the bonnet.
When secured, the LH side of the plastic shield had a 10 mm vertical gap between the body front and the bottom of the shield - the RH side was touching.
The material the securing clips are made of is too light for the job.
I decided I didn't need this bonnet protector and discarded it.
All in all this accessory is just Chinese rubbish - I will look for a genuine Suzuki one next week.

Mike Ward

Easy to fit, shape at edges not quite 100%, but it looks Ok.

Nachelle Griffiths
Bonnet Protector and Wind Deflector

Looks great and we quickly saw a reduction in splatter. :)

It would be good to have the fitting instructions on the website the box directed us to. Would also be great to have a few extra bits of clear tape just in case.

Charles Trotman
Ok with some adjustment

No instructions on installing on the website, so took a while to fit. The parts that curve around the side of the bonnet look like they have been over curved so rub against the paint work and the screws that the deflector fixes to the brackets are too long and could rub against the paint work. I had to modify this slightly (extra rubber washers and trimming the plastic) to make work. If your handy get this, if not maybe by a genuine suzuki one.

John Curtis
Love it

Looks great

Does the trick

Seems to work well, definitely noticed a reduction in bug splatters on the windscreen.
Only issue is no fitting instructions, supplied or online.
Looked on YouTube and found some advice on fitting a similar type

Tama S.
Bonnet wind deflector

It is made of good quality and looks great. The only thing is it didn't come with installation instructions and there were no tutorials on the website or online for this particular model. We had to remove it several times as we kept getting it wrong.

David H.
Wind deflector

It looks really spart. When it came to get the fitting instructions it says go to Internet NOT There very frustrating. It would be easyer to put a peace of paper in the box. Had to go to you tube to get finer points. Cheers Dave. Ps did you manage to get the cup holders that used the bolts on the dash.

Murray S.
Wind deflector

Bit trickery to fit. Ends seems to need some kind of support/padding,as they want to touch top of guards and sides of bonnet which could lead to rubbing. Does change the way wind flows over vehicle,seems to now buffet where the snorkel is fitted at top/side of windscreen. Have to find stronger tape/glue to attach snorkel as it has now come loose after about 2weeks.

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