Banks Peninsular Mission 2023

Banks Peninsular Mission 2023

The day started early, I came into work and put the BBQ on.  Just before 8am, Jimnys started rolling into the carpark, ready for an adventure. We started the day with coffee and bacon sandwiches off the BBQ. By 9am, 37 Jimnys had shown up, and we set off for the hills. 

We first headed to Little River, and what an impressive convoy we had!  37 Jimnys of all colours, all heading for the hills. 

The day was very relaxed, we explored the tracks down to the secluded bays, and the gravel roads between some of the bays.

Some got lost, some left early, and some more got lost. At about 2pm we met in Akaroa for lunch, where there were only about 20 Jimnys left. After lunch there was some more exploring, which concluded a fantastic day in the wee Suzukis.

Grace (the Warehouse Manager at Jimny NZ) and I had a fun day in one of our rental Jimnys, days like this are exactly what these rental cars are for.