Getting Jacked - The Liftkit on my Jimny

Getting Jacked - The Liftkit on my Jimny

There are lots of liftkit options available and my mates at Opposite Lock NZ talked me through the pros and cons of each.  

Essentially, some come with all the wee bits, some don't. The kits that come with all the bits, they're twice the price of the kit that doesn't, but the bits that aren't included in the cheaper kit are cheap and easy to source.

So we opted to go for the Dobinsons kit, which included springs and shocks. Opposite Lock sorted out the longer rear brake hoses (off a Hilux), and they made a new mount for the headlight alignment sensor.

The quote I got for the Old Man Emu 50mm lift kit was $2,500 including a wheel alignment. The Dobinsons kit from Opposite Lock was only about $1,400.

Handling is so much better now, both on the road and in the high country.  The ride is firmer, so I feel small bumps, but when hitting big bumps the car is much more comfortable.  If the Jimny is loaded and weighed down, the ride is smooth and stable.

Highly recommended, I wouldn't leave the road now with a Jimny on standard suspension!