The All Important Snorkel

The All Important Snorkel

When four wheel driving, especially in very remote areas, a snorkel is almost a requirement - you never know when you're doing to need to cross through a river that's a little deeper than expected.

Since getting my Jimny well over a year ago, I've been hunting for a snorkel, with no luck. I've had my sourcing guys in China looking everywhere, and recently they found a factory that'd make one for me, so I ordered a sample. 

It's fantastic!  All the parts required to fit it up nicely - it looks to come with exactly the same bits as a similar kit that is available on the market - the mounting bolts, fitting template, door pillar bracket, hose clamp etc. 

It's a solid fit to the car, too. 


Feb 25, 2021 • Posted by Dion Adcock

Oh dear, looks like the Chinese have already stolen TJM’s JB74 snorkel design.
Everyone really should be avoiding those crooks and their cheap knockoffs.

Jan 17, 2021 • Posted by Thomas Alexander

Hi there – how waterproof is this set up? I.e. does the kit block off any other valves/drains etc. between intake and the motor itself? Thank you