I FINALLY got my Jimny!

I FINALLY got my Jimny!

We'd been travelling overseas for the last two years, where we spent a year travelling through Mexico and South America, a few months travelling around New Zealand, then 6 months travelling through Europe.

While in Croatia in January 2019, we decided it was time to come home and focus on business, but we had some rules:

Rule number 1: Life had to remain exciting.

So a month later when I saw that Suzuki had released the newest Jimny, I had to learn more. By that time we were in Estonia, so we found the local Suzuki dealership there and went to have a closer look. I was sold. I called Suzuki back in New Zealand and placed my order for a manual white Jimny.

We returned to New Zealand in April, and I was still waiting to take delivery of my new car. Mid August I received a call from Winger Suzuki who let me know that my car was in the country and I could expect delivery within two weeks. How bloody exciting! 

So the end of August came around, and as promised, I took delivery of this wee truck within the two weeks.  


Lots of adventures to come!