New Jimny (JB74) Front and Rear Tow Points

New Jimny (JB74) Front and Rear Tow Points

After our First Day Out with the 4WD Club, I learned that the standard Jimny tow points are just dangerous, so I need to make some changes.

You see, the tow points that come on the Jimny from the factory are really just tie-down points for shipping the cars, they're just a basic loop welded to the chassis. The problem there is that when towing the truck forward, the welds can break, and the metal loop can be catapulted straight towards the truck that is towing. Not safe at all!

So I sourced some bits to ensure recovery is a much safer operation. 



I've imported a few steel tow points that hook into the chassis lateral front beam. This is held in place by the original tow loop, but the bulk of the load is taken by the piece that hooks into the chassis. This is mounted with high tensile bolts that are not going to break under any load, no matter how stuck we get!

It just required a little trimming on the bottom of the front bumper, but this is not visible. Even the recovery point itself is not super obvious, as it sets quite high, meaning it's not going to continuously be hitting nature while 4wding.



The rear was going to be far more difficult, so I opted for a tow bar. This is also bolted to the chassis with high tensile bolts and includes two eyes for tow hooks. 

Installing this took a bit more time than the front, as I needed to remove the rear bumped completely to get this fitted up properly.


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Dec 03, 2019 • Posted by Chris Drennan

I would like to contact you to find out exactly how/where you imported a front recovery point.

Chris Drennan