First Day Out with the 4WD Club

First Day Out with the 4WD Club

The point of getting a Jimny was to explore and see more of our fine country. What better way to do that, than by joining a local 4x4 club.

By being part of a 4x4 club, we go on trips with other 4x4 fans. Many are new to offroading, and the rest are seasoned pros. Joining these guys on a few trips offers so many benefits; We get to see these amazing hidden away places that we wouldn't otherwise see, there are trucks that can tow us when we get stuck and when we forget to bring coffee, someone will have someone else will have plenty to share (thanks Mr and Mrs Clark!).

Joining the 4x4 club also offers the benefit of advice and help. The more experienced members are always happy to offer any advice, whether it be how to climb a steep track safely or where to find the best deal on a high lift jack.

I asked the local 4x4 shop which club would be best and he said the Canterbury Recreational 4WD Club (CR4WD) were a bunch of really fun, family-oriented guys and gals, so I joined.

Our First Trip with CR4WD

A mild trip up the Ashley River and we were promised 'pinstriping' (minor scratching in the paint from driving overgrown tracks.

I wanted to test the Jimny in its standard form, with stock wheels and tyres, suspension, everything.

We arrived in the morning and immediately felt pretty inadequate, with our small tyres and tiny truck, but this is only day one.  We set off and immediately got stuck in some muddy ruts, only to be rescued by an awesome Jeep Wrangler, who effortlessly towed us through a muddy section. 

The rest of the day was easier, we conquered most obstacles that came up, even successfully completing some fairly deep river crossings!

Man, we had SOOO much fun! The Jimny performed beautifully and many of the other drivers were very impressed with how the standard 2019 Suzuki Jimny performed through some tricky terrain.

All in all, a very successful day. Yes, there was some pinstriping, but these wee trucks are made to be used, they're made for exploring, so there will certainly be a lot more pinstriping to come, no doubt.

Next: New tyres are a MUST!

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Dec 21, 2019 • Posted by richard perry

I have 2019 Suzuki jimny and would like to have fun adventures