New Tyres = New Opportunities!

New Tyres = New Opportunities!

The standard wheels are tyres on the Suzuki Jimny are totally fine around town, they're nice and quiet, good for fuel economy and they don't have a problem climbing kerbs.  But I wanna climb more than kerbs.

So I went and saw my mates at Bridgestone Shirley who hooked me up with a great wheel and tyre package for the Jimny.

I don't drive on the open road too much, I'm mostly either driving around town, or going on a 4WD trip.

The rims are 15x8" ROH Black Track steel wheels and the tyres I went for are Goodride 30 / 9.5 mud-terrain tyres. These are cheap tyres, but the reviews that I could find about them are great. As I'm doing this build on a budget I thought these are definitely a tyre that I needed to try.

The Jimny drives a lot better now, it's more stable in cornering, even when I go with a low tyre pressure (25psi). Because of the larger rolling diameter, the gears are taller, which is ideal. The speedo app on my phone says the speedo is bang on perfect now, when the speedo says I'm doing 100, so does GPS.

They're not too noisy, either. They definitely do make some noise, which is to be expected, but certainly not as much as many other trucks on the road. Possibly because the Suzuki Jimny is so light, the tyres don't produce the same volume of road noise.

The front bumper did require some fairly severe cutting for these to turn properly. They were rubbing a lot in reverse while turning, so I had to remove a fair portion of the lower bumper and inner guard.

Offroad these tyres are pretty awesome, although I've only had one day out on them. I'll add to this blog as time goes by.


Such great value!  I've done big roadtrips, loaded right up, and they're great on the open road. Offroad they're even better, they've dragged me through mud, deep river crossings, all around the South Island, and they're awesome. 

Highly recommended!

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Jan 24, 2021 • Posted by jesus

did you use a lift kit?