Roof Rack and Ladder - With Lightbars!

Roof Rack and Ladder - With Lightbars!

This is really cool - a lightweight alloy roof rack, with lightbars, specially designed for the new Suzuki Jimny. 

With the lights built-in, these roof racks serve more than just storage and good looks, they ensure the lights sit nice and high without being smashed off by a tree.

The good news?  I imported an extra set, which is available to buy here -

The ladder is cool too, especially as I'm always trying to find new ways to take some cool photos. Now I can climb onto the roof of the Jimny and get those nice high shots, without mucking about with the drone.

The roof racks bolted up nicely. After taking them off and on a few times, I worked out the tricks to get them sitting nicely. 

Weight tests to come, I haven't loaded it up yet!


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May 18, 2020 • Posted by Rikus de Lange

Hello, Have you done a weight test yet? How much does the actual tray weight?