Getting Drive to the Front Wheels

Getting Drive to the Front Wheels

When lifting a Jimny way up into the air (200mm higher than they are originally), you can imagine there are a few issues that crop up. The driveshaft was a real issue.

It makes sense right? You lift the car higher, but the diffs stay at the same height, down low with the wheels. 

The Rear Driveshaft

The rear driveshaft just needed a couple of 25mm spacers, that's easy sorted. The transfer case points almost straight towards the rear diff, so there are no really funky angles to fight with.

The Front Driveshaft

The front driveshaft though, that was a whole different story.

Sure, we needed a longer driveshaft, but this wasn't even the hardest part. The challenge was the angles that we need things to turn. As mentioned above, the transfer case kinda leans back, with the front spline almost pointing up! So we needed the drive to then come down, and square into the diff.

This has been achieved with a whole new custom built driveshaft, including a CV joint AND universal joints, to help keep all the angles working nicely. 

Because the angles are so crazy, we couldn't run these kinds of UJ angles at high speeds, due to the risk of them getting too hot. So grease nipples were also added, to help us avoid the CV and UVs from overheating.

The Crossmember

You'll notice in the picture above, that we've used a funky Neoplot crossmember to ensure the driveshaft isn't smashing into the factory crossmember.