Custom LED Headlights on a New Jimny!

Custom LED Headlights on a New Jimny!

Yes, the standard lights are bright, but they are boring. Every other Sierra Jimny has the same headlights, and I like to tinker.

So I've swapped the headlights on my white Jimny to a set of the awesome Stedi Carbon Black Headlights.

Fitting them is not as easy as you'd expect, I've had to get some light housings made and some wiring wizardry is needed. Due to the negative stitching lights I've had to make use of the Stedi Canbus units, too.

The bits that I've needed to use...

H4 Plugs and Jimny Piggyback Adaptors

I've needed to add H4 to the back of Jimny Piggyback Adaptors, to link the Canbus to the car. I needed two of these piggyback plugs, one for each side.

Stedi Canbus Units

These are sold in pairs, and I just needed one pair, one for each light. These plug in between the light and the car wiring. These are basically just a big resistor to tell the ECU/car that there are lights there, and that they are using some power.

Headlight Housings

This is the hard part, these housings are essential, because the factory Jimny headlight is a big solid unit. I've had these housings made (bottom photo) and they're ideal, they even have the headlight tilt adjustment built in. 

The factory headlights in the Jimny have automatic levelling, which is based on a sensor under the car, above the rear axle. These lights don't have that, so the headlights just end up working like any other car, without the auto levelling.

If you're wanting to install custom headlights on your Jimny, we have a few Stedi options HERE but the mounts may be more difficult. As I write this, I do have some spare mounts here that are available, but not many. Email me for details (HERE).