Snorkel: Getting Fresh (DRY) Air into the Turbo

Snorkel: Getting Fresh (DRY) Air into the Turbo

Since doing the turbo conversion (MORE ABOUT THAT HERE), I've been going on adventures without a snorkel, simply because it was a bit of a mission to get some piping from the existing snorkel I had, over to the turbo.

So here's the best solution:

We've removed the snorkel from the right guard and repaired the hole (not cheap!), and added this snorkel and airbox on the left guard.  The challenge was to enclose the air filter in a sealed box, so that the filter was still able to work as it needed to, but to have it sealed in the intake system.

The air compressor for the lockers was in the way, so that needed to be relocated.

Excuse the dust in the below pictures, my Jimny isn't often clean!

The fabrication work was done by fabricator Callum Hunter, a very clever fabricator here in Christchurch, who is mad about Suzuki's. 

Callum finished it nicely with the laser cut lettering in the plate on top of the perspex cover. Glorious.