ECU Remap - Now with 7% more power!

ECU Remap - Now with 7% more power!

Suzuki Jimny’s are slow, there is no denying that. Often I’m asked how we can remedy the power issue of the Jimny, and I’m always working on something to improve these wee trucks. 

In preparation for the turbo conversion...

In preparation for the turbo conversion I did on my own Jimny, we took a look into the computer of the Jimny to make sure it’s capable of a turbo conversion, and it’s been interesting!

- Firstly, yes it is possibly for us to flash the factory ecu with a tune suitable for the turbo conversion. HOWEVER, it's only possible without using a MAP sensor, more details here.
- Even more exciting is that there are substantial gains to be had in non turbo form, just from some basic ECU remap tweaks. 

These gains are possible just from making some changes to the ignition and cam timing, VVT, air fuel ratio and the torque management system.

But how does it drive?

7% doesn't sound like much, but it's feels like a big difference when driving around town, and on the open road.

Most significantly is the torque around the 2,000rpm range. This has me changing gears far earlier than I was, which will be doing great things for fuel consumption.  It even seems to be better right off the line, I'm stalling off the lights less than I was with the factory settings.

Right through the rev range, though, there feels to be more power. Driving around town on my 31" tyres, it feels like I've moved down to 29" or 30" tyres. 

Interested in similar improvements?

We can copy these updates to your ECU. Send us your ECU with a tracked courier service, we’ll flash a copy of my tune to your ECU, and will send it back to you, with the same specs as the above dyno sheet. This modification to your ECU is available for only $1295 AVAILABLE HERE.