Turning Night into Day, with the Stedi ST-X 50" Lightbar

Turning Night into Day, with the Stedi ST-X 50" Lightbar

One of the awesome things about the Roofracks that we sell is that they come with LED lightbars built in. These are awesome lights, and we get a lot of great feedback about how bright they are.

However, since we're now an approved Stedi distributor, we needed to test the amazing looking Stedi ST-X 50" Lightbar. And I'm SOOO glad we did!

These lights look amazing, even when they're just sitting on the bench, before being installed.  Stedi say that if Apple made a lightbar, this is how they'd do it, and I can see the Apple styling.

The only way I can explain this to you is in videos. Here are the lightbars that come with our roofracks. Keep in mind, we've never had a complaint about the brightness of these lights, they really are very bright. I used them for over two years and they have taken me to some very remote places in the middle of the night. They are awesome.

Then I obviously need to do a comparison video with the Stedi ST-X 50" Lightbar. 


This is an awesome solution if you require TONS of light after sunset, great to highway travellers or hunters. 

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