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Project: Jimny Rock Sliders


In New Zealand, the Warrant of Fitness inspectors get unhappy about any damage to the sill, the piece of the body under the doors, so they need to be protected. 

Unfortunately, when 4wding, sometimes you come across rocks and ledges to get over, especially when your Jimny hasn't been lifted yet (just as mine currently sits). So the solution is rock sliders.

A rock slider is a bar that runs under your vehicle, along the length of the vehicle between the front and rear wheel. It's number 1 purpose is to protect the body of the vehicle from rocks, as the name suggests.


We've made these rock sliders, based on a very common mounting style. They include the step on the outside which looks pretty cool, and is handy when loading the roofrack.

But it's still not ideal.

The rock slider that you can see mounted on my Jimny in the pic above is mounted to the standard body mounts. Unfortunately though, to mount these we had to remove the rubber body mounts, which are there to stop the vibration between the chassis and the body. So without the rubber body mounts, there is a lot of engine vibration through the body, leading to a rougher and louder ride. 

So we're putting together some new body mounts and modifying the rock sliders to suit. The goal is for these to be exactly as they look on my Jimny, but either mounted to the body or to the chassis, not to both. 

Once we've fixed these and they're not causing the unwanted vibrations and noise in the car I'll have them available for sale HERE. Stay tuned!  😎

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  • michael earl gray

    could you please tell me where you bought or supply a A frame for my 2019 suzuki jimny thanks mike

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