Time for a Steel Front Bumper for the Jimny!

Time for a Steel Front Bumper for the Jimny!

The original bumper is fine, but it sticks out a long way, and even more annoying, it always rubs a LOT on my tyres. It just got embarrassing.

So I've switched it out for this new steel bumper. It's a two-piece bumper and includes some excellent recovery points. Unfortunately, though, the new bumper uses the solid lateral chassis rail for mounting, so I had to remove the A-Frame mounts (I've had a new A-Frame made up though, which bolts to the recovery points).

The LED lights look pretty good, and the new bumper gives me an amazing approach angle to any obstacles that I face.

As far as I know, the bumper is not so compliant for WOF standards, as it's not 'Airbag Approved'. Which seems kinda silly.  

This is a nice solid bumper, and the best bit is that it's only 21kg!  I've had this made overseas and I had a couple of extras made up. If you're interested in one of these extra bumpers, CONTACT ME.  Because these are not 'Airbag Approved', they're strictly for offroad use only. 


Jun 28, 2020 • Posted by Pete

Same question as previous guest, its my daily car so airbag proved is needed.

Jun 12, 2020 • Posted by Pavel Cernik

I am extremely interested because 21kg steel bumper seems like a win-win and exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, Jimny is also my daily car so it needs to be approved/certified for compatibility with airbags. Any chance your supplier or yourself would do that? Maybe if there is enough demand to justify the cost of certification?