2022 Lake Lyndon / Lake Coleridge 4WD Trip

2022 Lake Lyndon / Lake Coleridge 4WD Trip

The weeks and days leading up to this trip were wet, July had seen a lot of rain, so I was unsure of how this was going to go.

The original plan was to do a day trip on the Waipara River, but with so much rain, I thought that'd be a really bad idea.

The high country forecast showed snow. Awesome!

So I changed the plans at the last minute, as I do sometimes.  The morning in Christchurch was wet, it'd rained all night, so I received a few texts and calls asking if the trip was still on. Of course it is.

We met at Springfield on the Sunday morning to find the road was closed. But I knew another way into the mountains.

We headed south, and went into the bottom of Lake Coleridge from Windwhistle. As soon as we got to Windwhistle, there was snow on the ground, and we still had a lot of altitude to climb. 

We had 11 Jimny's on this trip, from mild to wild, but they all did really well. 

By the time we got up to Lake Lyndon, we'd stopped a few times for photos, we'd used the winch, we'd helped some people who were stuck. The snow was about a foot deep at Lake Lyndon, and there were cars everywhere. 

Lake Lyndon 4wd

We took a look at the track around the bottom of Lake Lyndon, which was very flooded by the high water level of the lake. 

With some fooling around, climbing snowy banks and taking photos along the way, it was a spectacular day. 

I have no idea how the next trip can be better than this one, but I'll try.

lake lyndon 4wd