Exploring the Mid Canterbury 4x4 Park - Ashburton

Exploring the Mid Canterbury 4x4 Park - Ashburton

My two young nephews came down to Canterbury to visit from Hastings, and they hadn't been four wheel driving before. That had to change.

I wanted to take them on an easy day trip, something close to home. I thought about going for a drive over to Banks Peninsular and showing them around there, or going for a trip down the Waipara River, but I was in the mood for some mud.

I'd heard the Mid Canterbury 4x4 Park was muddy with some good holes to get stuck in. The best thing about this park, is that there are lots of trees to winch off, so going in there with just one vehicle is pretty safe.

There is a cool area just in the gate, with some challenging wee hills and holes, and very uneven ground. Further out, there are some tracks that took us through the trees, some with the surprise of some deep rutted sections that even proved challenging for my Jimny.

My nephews (aged 11 and 13) really enjoyed using my cameras to create a video of the day. That's a bonus for me, because I never seem to have enough good video footage of my adventures! Check out the video...


In summary: a great spot for a play!  Some deep water in places, you could easily flood a Jimny here if you're not careful, and it'd be even easier to get stuck. Don't head in alone if you don't have huge wheels and a winch.