Oteake Conservation Reserve

Oteake Conservation Reserve

Oteake Conservation Reserve - what a cool spot! 

With not much more than a BBQ, some meat and a swag, I headed into the Oteake Conservation Reserve for a couple of days. 

Open only over the summer months, the Oteake Conservation Reserve is an adventure land for 4wders and trailbike riders. There are lots of DOC huts scattered through the park and hundreds of kilometers of tracks - from mild to wild.

One of the coolest things about the Oteake Conservation Reserve is the DOC huts, these places have so much history. I bet over the years this wee hut has been a great home for trampers when the weather has turned...

Oteake Conservation Reserve

Mt Buster (within the Oteake Conservation Reserve) is worth a look, it's like stepping into the Wild West, or driving on Mars or something. Crazy landscapes! 

Mt Buster Oteake Conservation Reserve


When checking the map to find a place to lay our heads for the night, often we'd aim for a hut, only to find it was tiny, or falling apart. Or not there.

Here's Tailings Hut, which was home on the Saturday night. A great hut with two sleeping quarters, capable of sleeping 12 people...
Oteake Conservation Park
Oteake Conservation Park
The trip was made better by a group of young 4wders from down South who also stayed at Tailings Hut, we had a great time there, talking, eating and drinking. 
If you're looking for an adventure in South Canterbury over the Summer months, the Oteake Conservation Park is definitely worth checking out. Normally there are lots of other 4WD groups roaming around the place, so travelling alone generally wouldn't be a worry.
5 stars, will be back.