The Challenge of the Avoca River / Harper River

The Challenge of the Avoca River / Harper River

It all started on a Friday in late June. It was a classic winters day - cold, windy and raining. A good day for an adventure. 

Or so we thought.

With a crew of 5 Suzukis, we headed up the north side of Lake Coleridge and dropped into the Harper River. Within an hour or two, we realised the water was too swift and deep, and with the rain coming in hard, water level were rising and it would certainly be a bad decision to cross into the Avoca River. We retreated to find a safer place to camp, where we wouldn't get trapped by rising water levels.

Two weeks later, we came back to the Harper River to try again.

It was a classic winters day of another variety - one of those days that starts frosty and cold, with a clear blue sky. One of those mornings where BP coffee tastes like the best coffee ever. Crisp, where all the puddles crunched as we roll through them.

Even Lake Georgina was frozen on the way up...

Lake Georgina

When we reached the Harper River, the water level was probably higher than it was on our previous trip. But we would not be defeated again. With better prepared vehicles and more determination than ever, we attacked the Harper River.

The tactic was different this time: Start trying to find somewhere to cross straight away. Which we did, we managed to cross the Harper River straight away. All was going well, until we reached a dead end on the stock bank, and we realised we needed to cross back over. Agh! 

The Harper River

In a last minute turn of events, we found a way through! Again, we were on our way, heading up the Harper River to get to the base of the Avoca River.

"Congratulations! Today is your dayYou're off to great places. You're off and away!"

As we headed west, we made several crossings, some big and wide, some narrow and deep. Tons of fun! 

The Avoca River

The Avoca River

The Avoca River

Initially the aim was to get up to Basins Hut for lunch, but at 1pm we were still about 5km short of Basins Hut, so we found a great viewpoint to stop for lunch and look over the river that we were enjoying.

The Avoca River

After lunch we turned back and headed for the exit. Heading back we stayed on the north side of the Avoca, which was a good change of scenery. Heading back out normally seems faster than exploring new tracks, so we enjoyed a few challenges on the way back downstream, too. 

The Avoca River

A massively successful day - great weather, a fantastic river and even better company. Will definitely be back, and next time with a trailer, so we can stay up there for a couple of nights.