Banks Peninsular Day Trip! November 2021

Banks Peninsular Day Trip! November 2021

On November the 6th, 10 new Jimny's and a Samurai embarked on a trip to explore the northern bays of Banks Peninsular.

The roads and tracks around Banks Peninsular are spectacular, varying from overgrown bush to wide open panoramic views in only a few minutes of driving.

Banks Peninsular 4wd tracks

 Sure, we go lost along the way. Sure, we also took a track that was a bit too rough for some people, and sure, we didn't pass enough bathrooms for the ladies, but that's all part of the fun.

Old Le Bons Track 4wd

The trip up the Old Le Bons Track was part of our adventure, and it was too rough for some. There were two completely standard Suzuki Jimny's on our trip, and although they did great on the dry track, the track may have been a little too rough for the small 15" tyres that roll off the Suzuki car yard.

4wd tracks Banks Peninsular

All in all though, everyone had an awesome time. It was cool to meet some new people and explore some tracks that most of us hadn't been. Most of us also went for a 10 minute bush walk to see a giant Totara tree, very cool. 

James Holyoake summed up the day beautifully with this video he made...


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